Board-Certified Liposuction Palm Beach

Fatty tissue that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise can be removed in a procedure called Liposuction. Board-certified liposuction Palm Beach can be performed wherever there are excess fat deposits and quite often more than one area is treated at a time during surgery. The most common areas for liposuction include the love handles, inner and outer thighs, lower back, abdomen, axilla, and underneath the chin. The results are immediate and impressive.

If you’re having a problem losing weight in certain areas, this procedure can remove the excess adipose tissue in that particular area. This should not be your solution to weight loss, just a treatment for those stubborn areas. Board-certified liposuction Palm Beach can dramatically or subtly provide for a more symmetrical appearance.

The area of interest is first treated with a dilute saline solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine to shrink the small blood vessels that can cause bruising (Tumescent solution). A small cannula is placed into the problem area under the skin, and the fatty tissue is removed by a vacuum process through the narrow tube. We usually use a technically advanced system that vibrates the cannula thus minimizing the trauma to the area which minimizes bruising and pain following the procedure. After the surgery is complete, the areas are then compressed with a garment to minimize bruising and reduce swelling. The entire procedure requires from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the areas treated.

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