Brachioplasty in the Palm Beaches

Brachioplasty in the Palm Beaches

Prominent women like Jennifer Aniston and First Lady Michelle Obama have received positive attention for their toned arms.

Many middle-aged men and women complain about changes in their bodies as they get older. A common complaint shared by men and women across the Palm Beaches, flabby arms, has received more attention in recent weeks, as more and more people turn to cosmetic surgery to address loose skin on their arms. Despite exercise and a healthy diet, many people experience this change in their bodies, causing great distress.  The Palm Beach plastic surgeons at the Estetica Institute, Dr. Greg DeLange and Dr. Arturo Guiloff, perform brachioplasty on patients from cities across the area, including places like Wellington, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Greenacres and Jupiter.

Many patients, particularly women, have opted to undergo brachioplasty, also known as an upper arm-lift, to firm up their arms. Many women admire the look of famous women’s arms, such as those of First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Jennifer Aniston. Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons can firm up your upper arms by removing the excess skin from the arms, giving the arms a toned look.

Many types of cosmetic surgery in the Palm Beaches address changes in women’s and men’s bodies and faces as they get older. Dr. Gregory DeLange and the team at the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches make patients look more youthful and healthier with a wide array of treatments and procedures. They can sculpt patients’ bodies through procedures like liposuction Palm Beach procedures, tummy tucks Palm Beach, body lifts Palm Beach and more. Patients can undergo different procedures to make their faces look younger as well, such as West Palm Beach facelifts and Palm Beach Botox treatments.

The facility’s surgeons specialize in breast procedures to make women look and feel more attractive. Women who feel that they lack adequately-sized breasts can enlarge them through breast augmentation Palm Beach surgery.  Many middle-aged women address sagging in their breasts by undergoing Palm Beach breast lifts.