Weight Loss Surgery Center Palm Beach
Esthetic Institute offers a well appointed and fully accredited facility, we have combined multiple professionals and plastic surgeons to provide the highest level of medical and cosmetic care at our Weight Loss Surgery Center Palm Beach. Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Palm Beach, Dr. Greg Delange and Dr. Arturo Guiloff, provide a meticulous level of surgical skill that restore youthfulness and improve, conceal or remove aesthetic imperfections.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Center Palm Beach provides weight loss procedures North Palm Beach. What is LAP-Band Surgery? LAP-Band surgery Palm Beach is done laparoscopically by LAP-Band Doctors Palm Beach with a high definition camera. The LAP-Band is then placed around the upper part of the stomach which then restricts the flow of food into the lower part of the stomach. The whole procedure usually takes less than one hour and is completed at our Weight Loss Surgery Center Palm Beach. The band is then simply adjusted using a small needle in the adjusting port to the sense of feeling full and the size of the band can be precisely adjusted. The LAP-Band has been created to treat obesity and its related to medical and social problems.

For those who have struggled endlessly with their weight, weight loss procedures Palm Beach may be the answer for you. For many years, Estetica has been providing the highest level of plastic and cosmetic surgical needs to thousands of patients in South Florida. In light of the increasing level of obesity in the area, we have found the need to provide a simple and effective approach for significant weight reduction. In response we have partnered with two of the most experienced and nationally respected bariatric surgeons in South Florida. Our LAP-Band Doctors Palm Beach have performed over 1,000 lap band procedures and have enabled these patients to begin a fuller, more active, and healthier life.

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