There are many different types of lifts that are specifically selected for each individual patient based on their needs. The Benelli Lift procedure, sometimes called Scarless Breast Lift, Periaoreolar, Circumareolar, or Purse String Breast Lift, involves the tightening of the loose skin and suturing around the areola perimeter, also known as a “donut”.

Most patients and surgeons would prefer to have minimal scarring with a breast lift. However, if there is a significant amount of lift necessary there are limitations to the Benelli approach. While the Benelli approach can lift the nipple-areola, the larger the lift, the more likely that the circular scar will pucker, widen, stretch and flatten the breast, and if not done correctly can lead to very large areolas in the future.

Even though many patients would prefer this scarless lift, it is important to know that the lift approach selected should not be determined by scars or lack of them, but rather what lift will give the best results.