Chin and Cheek Implants

Chin Implants, or mentoplasty, are a way for a patient to recontor the facial structure. A chin augmentation procedure (also known as genioplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure which improves the overall balance of the facial features. This surgery corrects a disproportionate chin caused by congenital deficiency, age-related bone resorption, or an accident. Cheek implants, or malarplasty, add a new ampleness to the face. With new cheeks and a new chin, a more balanced and symmetrical face can be achieved giving you a new sense of confidence.

Reasons for considering a Cheek or Chin Implant

A patient may undergo chin and/or cheek implants to correct proportion issues in the face

  • Give length to a small chin
  • Define facial features
  • Proportion the characteristics of the face
  • Provide cheeks with fullness and height

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure is performed under light IV sedation, or intramuscular sedation. Cheek augmentation involves the insertion of cheek implants through surgery and injections of fat or other dermal fillers. Cheek implants can be created to fit each individual’s face, and are made from several different types of materials including silicone and polyethylene. This procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis, depending on whether other procedures are also being performed.

The chin is reshaped through the use of a chin augmentation, an injectable paste, or by changing the shape of the bone to augment the bone structure, making the chin more or less prominent. The chin augmentation procedure can be done as a stand alone surgery, or combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty.

Where is the surgery performed?

The surgery is performed in Estetica Institute’s accredited surgical center, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our surgeries are performed at our state of the art surgical ORs by a highly trained staff of professionals who all maintain the highest credentials. Our facility is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

How long does the surgery take?

Typically, a chin implant procedure takes about one hour to perform. Patient will recover for about a half-hour after the procedure, and then may go home.

Can I drive myself home?

You cannot drive yourself home after the surgery. We suggest that you arrange for a ride home with a friend or relative. We are happy to help you arrange for a ride and some overnight help if necessary.

What happens after surgery? What is the recovery process?

When surgery is complete bandages are placed with tape in the wounded areas to reduce swelling. After having surgery, the patient needs to stay home and get a lot of rest. A liquid diet might be necessary if the patient is having trouble eating. They then are instructed to move as little as possible.

Over the counter pain relievers can subdue any minor aches and pains the patient may be complaining of. After chin and cheek implants, patients should follow the directions of the doctor to avoid any post-operation problems. Keeping the head elevated during the initial recovery phase is also important.

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Chin and Cheek Implants at Estetica Institute in Palm Beach Gardens

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Dr. Gregory S. DeLange at Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches

Dr. Greg DeLange is a highly trained and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine and then completed his Surgery Residency at the University of Texas. After completing a year as Chief Resident, he followed his General Surgical training with an additional two years of Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the prestigious University of Florida Shands Hospital. Dr. DeLange has performed over 20,000 Plastic Surgical cases and is certified by the distinguished American Board of Plastic Surgery.