LAP-Band Testimonials

Coleen Lost 58 Pounds with LAP-BAND

This program is a five star program without a doubt! I decided to have weight loss surgery for a number of reasons. The main reason that stands out is I felt my life expectancy was decreased due to how heavy I was. I have four daughters and one grandson; I want to be alive and healthy to hold every one of my grandchildren. My highest Preoperational weight was 211 pounds. Since my surgery in October of 2007, I have lost a total amount of 58 pounds!

My Hypertension, chronic backaches, knee pain, and hyperlipidemia are non existent since my surgery.
The Lap Band was the right choice for me! I learned about Dr Cohen, and Hollywood Bariatrics at the Hospital where I work. They have the best reputation of surgeons, and the success rate of their patients in the program were encouraging.

During my appointments I received just the right amount of information. The most helpful information I received was what to expect from the surgery. I was well aware how long the procedure would last, what to expect, expected weight loss, and about how long the recovery would be. So much information was given to me by Dr. Cohen!

I would rate every aspect of my experience as excellent. I couldn’t be happier!

If you ask me who my hero is, I would say Dr. Cohen.Dr. Bret Cohen has given me the opportunity to change my life. He has been there every step of the way, and to him I am forever grateful. He is my hero.

No Regrets! If you have tried every diet and exercise program, and are unable to lose the weight, this may be the program. My only regret is that I had not done this two years prior! This is something you can obtain.

Hope Lost 90 Pounds with LAP-BAND

Being in the medical field myself, I did my own research, met Dr. Bass and knew it was the best place to have my surgery. Even after my surgery they are still very helpful, and I have met a new group of life long friends at the support groups!

Before my surgery I had difficulty in walking, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. After surgery they are a non issue! I was even on the verge of not being able to work anymore due to my weight. Now I am down to 155! I lost 106 pounds. I give Hollywood Bariatrics 5 out of 5 stars!

Mike Lost 107 Pounds with LAP-BAND

My 30 year struggle with weight loss is OVER! After my wife and I attended a Seminar with Dr Matei, from Hollywood Bariatrics, we learned everything we needed to know to move forward with this life changing procedure. I have a new life free of the sleep apnea, joint pain and soon to be free of my high blood pressure medication. The lifestyle changes I needed to make to be successful were very scary but with the support, the education and the Lap-band I am able to do it. I am a business owner, I travel 80% of the time.

Michelle Lost 92 Pounds with LAP-BAND

Following LAP-BAND® surgery, Michele dropped 92 pounds. Her blood pressure is normal, she feels more energized, and she renewed her competitive edge in the workforce.

“Dr. Cohen and his staff gave me the tools and the motivation to succeed where a lifetime of diets had failed,” says Michele.

“Finally, thanks to Dr. Cohen, I’m healthy and well, and I feel great!”

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