Martin County FaceliftsThe Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches offers Martin County facelifts that can help patients achieve their vision.

Our experienced team can help both women and men who are interested in the amazing results offered by this procedure.

The facelift can help to smooth and tighten the skin, creating a younger look. During the procedure, a skilled surgeon can help to rejuvenate the patient’s appearance by removing excess skin and fat. The facelift can be done by itself, but many patients choose to couple the procedure with another to help them look their very best.

The procedure generally lasts just a couple of hours, and patients can return to their normal routine in about a week. Generally, the procedure has very little pain associated with it, though many patients do experience some tightness in the facial area in the first few days after surgery.

The results of this procedure can be amazing, and at the Estetica Institute we work to provide the latest in techniques to help each patient look their very best. Contact our team of experienced cosmetic specialists for facelifts and other procedures like injectables, body sculpting and breast augmentation.