SO HAPPY!!!, May 17, 2011, 5:15 pm
Reviewer: MollyWPB

100% thrilled with my results from Dr. Delange! I had breast augmentation April 14, 2011 and now (4.5 weeks later) they already look and feel completely natural, so beautiful. 🙂 I took a risk getting this surgery, because it is only a few months before my wedding, and I was already in such good shape and happy with my body, just wanted slightly bigger breasts. I used to be a full B-cup. Dr. Delange gave me the natural shaped D-cup that I asked for. Exactly what I pictured! He is kind and skillful, what more could you ask in a surgeon! He is so experienced, and he used good taste in everything from the size to the placement of the implants. I was nervous about the procedure so I had a lot of questions, and he did seem to skim over some of them, but it all turned out GREAT. I love my new breasts, and I had a very positive experience at Estetica Institute with Dr. Delange!

DR. DELANGE IS WONDERFUL!, March 29, 2011, 11:58 am
Reviewer: HIDIHO

Dr. DeLange did a beautiful job on my breast lift and tummy tuck. There was little to no pain involved after surgery and almost 6 weeks out I am VERY pleased with the results. He was hands on from the beginning – even walking me to my car after my surgery to make sure I was ok and comfortable. Not only did he provide me with his personal cell phone #, he followed up with me the entire weekend after my surgery and has been readily available the few times I’ve called with questions/concerns. My followup appointments have been punctual and most times I arrive early and they take me right away. Would HIGHLY recommend Dr. DeLange to EVERYONE!

highly recommend Dr. DeLange, May 24, 2010, 7:21 pm
Reviewer: bunnyluvr68

When I was new to the area in 2002, I called Dr. DeLange’s office and asked his staff about an embarrassing problem. Dr. DeLange immediately got on the phone, sympathetically answered what he could, and urged me to come in so he could see me. Although I was not able to do anything about that particular problem, I came back for minor procedures such as line fillers and Botox because of my positive experience with him. Over the years, I have had several skin cancer surgeries done by Dr. DeLange. His incisions are impeccable. In January of this year, he performed liposuction on my abdomen/thighs. The outcome was excellent but not 100% perfect. I still had a tiny area of asymmetry. My husband didn’t even notice, but I’m a perfectionist. Thankfully so is Dr. DeLange. When I came back for a follow up, I pointed this out and he was more than happy to fix it. In fact, he volunteered to do another little spot I didn’t even notice. Touch ups are to be expected and are free within the first year. My tummy is perfect now, and I am thrilled with the results already. From my experience with Dr. DeLange after all these years, I believe if there is something you are not happy about, you must let him know so that he has the opportunity to fix it. It’s obvious to me that he is a perfectionist and wants his patients to be happy. It’s important to speak up about any concerns. My sister had the same areas of liposuction done by a plastic surgeon in Jupiter, and although her results were good, she paid $2000 more than I did ~ and that was ten years ago. I find that Estetica’s prices are fair compared to others in the area. I stopped getting Botox from my dermatologist because he had charged me twice as much. My husband (who is also a physician and recommended Dr. DeLange to me) was invited to watch the procedure being done. He was very impressed with the surgeon’s up-to-date techniques and facilities. The only complaint I have is that sometimes I feel a bit rushed. If I have questions, I know I’d better get them out fast. On the flip side, Dr. DeLange is always punctual, and I don’t think I have ever had to wait beyond my appt time. Most of his staff is friendly and very courteous. Not only does he have a charming personality, he also won’t let you get procedures that he doesn’t think you need. For years I have been trying to talk him into doing a mini lift on me but he refuses. He also doesn’t let me have line filler if he doesn’t think I need it. He’s very complimentary and great for the ego! Easy on the eyes, too. 😉 Yes, I am a real patient, and I highly recommend him.

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