Is Preventative Botox Worth the Hype?

Preventative Botox

Largely used by an older demographic to smooth the signs of aging, Botox is gaining new traction with a much younger crowd. Now being used by women in their late twenties to early thirties, Preventative Botox stops wrinkles before they start.  

People develop wrinkles because, over time, skin weakens and can’t effectively bounce back. Skin folding caused by laughing, smiling, furrowing your brow, is usually the culprit. Now used to relax facial muscles, Botox previously uses only included smoothing existing wrinkles. As a result, wrinkles do not form in the first place. By using discrete, precise Botox injections, doctors can target specific muscles that may be pulling in an undesired direction and allow these muscles to work more evenly. 

Preventative Botox Prevents Dynamic Wrinkles

By relaxing and retraining facial muscles, Preventative Botox helps prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles that are caused by small, consistent muscle movements. In fact, sides of the mouth and eyes, between the brows, and across the forehead typically become a problem. “Freezing” the muscles in these areas of the face prevents their movement and resulting wrinkles. 

Preventative Botox really works at reversing mild lines and preventing others from developing, it may not be for everyone. Generally speaking, the earliest signs of wrinkles can be lingering creases from facial expressions, or resting wrinkles. Just furrowed your brow? If the lines linger, it may be safe to assume wrinkles are beginning to develop. In short, if your skin bounces back quickly, you don’t need to consider Botox just yet. 

Often a plastic surgeon can tell where Botox would be most beneficial just by looking at your face. At Estetica Institute, you will meet with our Injection Specialist Desiree, who will discuss the treatment goals and perform a facial analysis to determine the appropriate treatment areas with each individual patient. We strive to offer every patient the best experience and results possible with every treatment. To schedule your Botox consultation and treatment, please call 561-776-9555 today.