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Eliminate Wrinkles in Three Minutes with Hero BBL

Eliminate Wrinkles in Three Minutes with Hero BBL

Available 10/29/2023 to 11/30/2023

BBL HERO offers a faster-than-standard treatment with improved outcomes to reduce the appearance of aging skin. The result? Skin looks clearer, and smoother, with reduced pigment and vascularity.

BBL HERO’s proprietary technology safely and effectively treats aesthetic concerns on every skin type.

A single pass with the BBL HERO handpiece addresses the skin’s overall appearance, while multiple passes using different wavelengths of light help correct pigmented lesions, skin flushing, and acne and may even result in the appearance of tighter skin. With the versatile BBL HERO, you can treat everything from the appearance of skin aging—such as pigment, vascularity, and laxity—to hair removal and acne. Schedule a consultation to see if the HERO BBL treatment is right for you!

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