What Is Spider Vein Treatment?

Are you embarrassed by unsightly spider veins on your legs or face? If so, spider vein treatment may be the solution. Also known as sclerotherapy, spider vein treatment is a common procedure that reduces or eliminates spider veins and surface vessels, which often occur with hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight gain, prolonged siting or standing, and as a result of certain medications. And unlike varicose veins, spider veins also known as telangiectasias are not necessary for normal body functioning.

At Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches, we are experienced in performing spider vein treatment, as well as a host of other cosmetic procedures. If you’re interested in this procedure but perhaps need to see some spider vein treatment before and after photos, or want to discuss spider vein treatment costs before making your decision, call us today to set up your personal consultation. Our friendly staff members and highly trained surgeons are on hand to guide you in the right direction.

How Is Spider Vein Treatment Performed?

The sclerotherapy procedure is fairly quick (anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour) and painless. In fact, no anesthesia is necessary. During the treatment, a bright light will be directed at the vein. The technician injects a sclerosing agent with a tiny needle to collapse it. Each vein requires an injection. Once collapsed, the vein will no longer be visible, and your symptoms should dissipate.

Your doctor may direct you not to apply any moisturizers, sunscreen or other oils on the day of the treatment.

 Am I A Good Candidate For Spider Vein Treatment?

Both men and women can benefit from spider vein treatment, and the average age ranges from 13 to 60. If you’re embarrassed by the appearance of any of the following on your thighs, ankles or calves, you may be a suitable candidate for this procedure:

  • Very thin, spider web-like veins
  • Thin tree-like veins
  • Very thin lengthy single veins

Not only can this treatment provide aesthetic relief, but it also reduces the burning, swelling and aching associated with spider veins as well. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for spider vein treatment. If you’re suffering with high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, any blood-borne, infectious or cardiac diseases, or if you’re pregnant or nursing, you may not be suitable to have this procedure.

 What Kind Of Post-Operative Spider Vein Treatment Care Can I Expect?

Following spider vein treatment procedures, your doctor will apply a leg compression stocking. That stocking should be worn for the first few days. It will reduce the chance of bruising, swelling and discoloration of the treated area. You’ll be encouraged to walk around after the procedure, but avoid prolonged periods of standing or sitting as this could cause blood clots.

The most common side effects of spider vein treatment are slight cramping and itching, but other than that, there is very little down time. You’ll be able to return to work immediately. However, your doctor may advise you to avoid sun exposure, strenuous exercise and hot water for a few days.

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