Laser skin resurfacing – Before and After. Also known as skin rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing is a relatively painless procedure that uses a variety of lasers and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices to reduce fine lines and surface irregularities, such as scarring, uneven pigmentation and sun damage. The treatment can dramatically improve the texture of your skin, while giving it the youthful glow you’ve always wanted.

Am I A Good Candidate For Laser Skin Resurfacing?

If you’re unhappy with facial wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, slight scarring and other imperfections, you may be a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing. The treatment is not for everyone, however. Those with olive, suntanned or black skin may take up to nine months to regain their normal pigmentation after treatment. Also, if you’re prone to scarring, have a skin disorder or you’re taking certain medications, you may not be a suitable candidate for this treatment. Talk to your doctor about your medical history before opting to go through with laser skin resurfacing.

How Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Performed?

Depending on the level of treatment and the laser used, you may be given a topical anesthetic, a local anesthetic, a general anesthetic or intravenous sedation. Our trained technician begins the procedure by cleansing the skin thoroughly. Passing the laser over the treatment area, emitting high-intensity pulses of light removes the outer layers of the skin. If you hear a zapping sound or smell burning during the treatment, don’t be alarmed. This is normal. Once the skin rejuvenation procedure is over, the technician will apply protective ointment and a bandage.

Dr. Gregory S. DeLange at Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches

Dr. Greg DeLange is a highly trained and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine and then completed his Surgery Residency at the University of Texas. After completing a year as Chief Resident, he followed his General Surgical training with an additional two years of Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the prestigious University of Florida Shands Hospital. Dr. DeLange has performed over 20,000 Plastic Surgical cases and is certified by the distinguished American Board of Plastic Surgery.