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Ultimate Refinement

NeoGraft Hair Restoration at Estética Institute

Hair transplant surgery has evolved by leaps and bounds. You can restore your hair in a minimally invasive procedure that leaves no telltale signs—only full, healthy hair growth and a big boost in self-esteem. At our practice in West Palm Beach hair restoration surgeons have performed more than a thousand hair transplant procedures, and our patients enjoy a 94 percent follicle survival rate. We employ the NeoGraft technique, the gold standard in hair transplantation, to create natural-looking, lush hair growth with no incisions or scarring and minimal downtime.

Schedule your NeoGraft consultation at Estética Institute to learn more. We take time to assess your individual needs, educate you about your options, and provide you with an exceptional patient experience that helps you reach your goals. At Estetica Institute in West Palm Beach NeoGraft hair transplant experts await your trust.

Hair Restoration West Palm Beach

Incredible Results

What is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

NeoGraft is the least invasive and most innovative hair restoration method in use today. It is a highly refined approach based on the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, which involves removing follicles individually from a donor area like the back of the scalp and carefully redistributing them over the treatment area to restore the hairline and re-establish authentic-looking hair growth.

The old way to collect the donor follicles via FUE was for your surgeon to manually excise them and then create incisions where they are implanted into the treatment area. The NeoGraft Hair Restoration method takes the FUE approach and refines it. The NeoGraft device features a wand that removes the donor follicles using suction. Your surgeon then grafts the follicles with a special tool that implants the follicle at the same time as it creates the incision for it. With the assistance of NeoGraft’s technology, your procedure goes faster and has a higher success rate due to less follicle damage during the transplant process. Because the incisions are smaller and more precise, healing is also faster.

Hair Restoration West Palm Beach

The Latest Technology

What are the benefits of NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

With Neograft Hair Restoration West Palm Beach patients will have no scars or stitches. Estética Institute uses the latest technology combined with precise techniques to deliver the most amazing results for our patients with minimal discomfort. The Estética Hair Restoration / Hair Transplant is a simple outpatient procedure. Local anesthesia, in addition to some oral medication, actually makes the procedure an enjoyable experience. The results will look just like your natural hair and are permanent.

The Art of Authentic Results

Your NeoGraft Hair Restoration Consultation

You put a lot of faith in the surgeon you select to perform your hair transplant procedure. You want natural-looking results without complications or telltale signs that you had follicles transplanted. To learn more about Hair Restoration West Palm Beach patients can schedule a consultation to discuss their goals and explore how one of our surgeons can help them achieve the beautiful results they desire. When we plan your procedure, the hairline is designed to match the facial architecture, and the new density is distributed symmetrically, thus delivering a superior result. Don’t live feeling less than your best any longer. Contact Estética Institute to schedule your NeoGraft consultation with one of our experienced surgeons.

A New Way to Thrive

Your NeoGraft Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair restoration is a delicate procedure that takes a number of hours to complete. The NeoGraft technology helps your surgeon work more efficiently, reducing your total procedure time. We will administer an anesthetic to the donor and treatment areas to ensure your comfort and can also provide an oral sedative to relax you. Then we use the NeoGraft wand to carefully excise follicles from areas of denser hair growth like the back of the head. This process does not leave any scars, nor will you experience scarring at the transplant site, thanks to NeoGraft’s precision grafting action, which delivers the donor follicle into an incision at the same time it creates it. Your surgeon will distribute the donor follicles to blend naturally with your hair growth pattern and create an authentic and aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Hair Restoration West Palm Beach

Full Enjoyment

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Results

Our patients enjoy incredibly natural-looking hair restoration results that last. It takes some time for the transplanted follicles to establish themselves. You should start to see growth occurring in about six months, with full results filling in after about a year. Once established, the transplanted hair will continue to grow and look just like the rest of your hair, letting you enjoy a younger, more vibrant look and feel.

Here for You

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Recovery and Aftercare

Most patients are back to work in 2 days following their hair restoration procedure. We will provide aftercare instructions to help you care for the donor and treatment site during early healing. These may include using a special shampoo and avoiding strenuous exercise, hot tubs, or excessive sun exposure for a couple of weeks. NeoGraft uses precision grafting to minimize both scarring and healing time.

Hair Restoration West Palm Beach


NeoGraft Hair RestorationFrequently Asked Questions

Spectacular Results. We are a non-chain hair transplant center that performs only the highest quality hair transplants. We have transplanted over 1 million grafts, and the survival and permanency of the transplanted hair is over 94% in most patients.

Experience. Our team has performed transplants on over one thousand patients giving us a reputation as one of the top hair restoration centers in the industry. From the initial consult to the procedure to the spectacular results, we are confident you will be thrilled with the results and the more youthful appearance that we can achieve together!

NeoGraft is a type of FUE procedure, specifically designed for hair restoration. The term follicular unit extraction (FUE) refers to the method of removing follicles for transplant from the donor site individually. NeoGraft is an advanced technology that removes and grafts follicles in the least invasive way possible, letting your surgeon perform the surgery without creating any incisions manually.

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In this life, you only get one body to work with. Estética Institute helps you make the most of it. During your one-on-one consultation, an Estetica specialist will sit down with you, answer your questions, and help you determine the proper aesthetic care for your unique skin and body. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey to a more beautiful life!