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Breast Reduction in West Palm Beach, FL

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The Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction, also known as a Reduction Mammoplasty, reshapes large or heavy breasts into a new, more youthful shape. Breast reduction procedures are done by removing excess skin, breast tissue, and fat that cause the bulk of the weight in the breast. Large breasts often facilitate a myriad of medical problems. These include shoulder strap indents from supportive bras, lower back pain, and skin inflammation below the breasts. Therefore, results from Breast Reduction surgery can be very gratifying. Overly large breasts can be discomforting and painful, reductions become a physical relief to the patient once the excess weight is removed. They enjoy the refreshed and more youthful appearance and the lack of physical pain. Many women who consider Breast Reduction also consider Breast Lift, Liposuction and a Mommy Makeover.

Breast Reduction in West Palm Beach

Reasons for considering a Breast Reduction

  • Pain in the neck area or back due to the size of the breasts
  • Breasts that are sagging due to size
  • Proportion the frame of the body
  • Desire for a more athletic frame
  • Not being able to participate in normal physical activity
  • Bra, strap or tank top lines due to heavy breasts
Breast Reduction in West Palm Beach

Are you a good candidate for a Breast Reduction?

At our practice in West Palm Beach Breast Reduction patients are considered to be good candidate if:

  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic expectations. It is very helpful to look at Before and After pictures to assist you with you expectations and your decision process.
  • Your breasts are too large for your body frame and create neck, back, or shoulder pain
  • You have heavy breasts with nipples and areolas (pigmented skin surrounding the nipples) that point downward
  • One breast is much larger than the other
  • You are unhappy and self-conscious about the large appearance of your breasts
  • You do not smoke. Smokers are strongly encouraged to refrain from smoking for at least a week prior to your surgery date and continue to refrain from smoking for two weeks or until your incisions have healed. This will promote faster healing and reduce the risk of infection.

How is Breast Reduction performed?

Done under IV sedation, the entire procedure requires about 2.5 hours. The surgeon starts by removing excess skin and breast tissue from around the central areolar breast tissue. As a result, the nipple is reshaped and placed higher on the breast. We frequently use the vertical breast reduction lift which eliminates the long horizontal scar over the lower part of the breast. This is something the patient can discuss with the doctor at the time of consultation.

Where is the Breast Reduction surgery performed?

The Breast Reduction surgery is performed in Estetica Institute’s accredited surgical center, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our highly trained staff of professionals who all maintain the highest credentials, perform surgeries at our state of the art surgical OR’s. Accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), Estetica maintains only the highest quality facilities.

Breast Reduction in West Palm Beach

How long does the Breast Reduction surgery take?

Typically, a Breast Reduction procedure takes about 2.5 hours to perform. Patient will recover for about a half-hour after the procedure, and then may go home.

Can I drive myself home after Breast Reduction surgery?

You cannot drive yourself home after the breast reduction surgery. Consequently, we suggest that you arrange for a ride home with a friend or relative. We are happy to help you arrange for a ride and some overnight help if necessary.

Breast Reduction in West Palm Beach

What happens after Breast Reduction surgery? What is the recovery process?

Finally after surgery for Breast Reduction West Palm Beach patients should stay home and rest in the 24 hours following surgery. A package of instructions will accompany you home after surgery. Patients may take a shower 48 hours after surgery. Patients will wear a surgical bra that we provide. Follow ups may include changing to a different bra about a week later. After the rest period, we recommend an early return to normal activity, being mindful of extra strenuous activities or workouts. After seven days, the patient will return to the facility to have her sutures removed. Usually needed for a few days after the procedure, prescription pain medication helps facilitate recovery.

Afterwards over the counter pain relievers can subdue any aches and pains the patient may experiencing. After the breast reduction procedure, patients should follow the directions of the doctor to avoid any post-operation problems. Our caring and highly trained staff is here to help from your initial consultation through your recovery. Finally, the doctors are just a phone call away 24-7 for you after any surgical procedure. Finally for more information about Bennelli Mastopexy procedures performed by the expert plastic surgery staff at Estetica Institute or to schedule an appointment, please call (561) 776-9555.

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