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Female Hair Transplants in West Palm Beach, FL

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Hair Transplants for Women: Restoring Confidence

FUE for Women: Hair Rejuvenation

Female hair transplants – Women have always yearned to have beautiful thick, full hair. Regardless of length, style or color, a full head of hair is always in style. Like men, women may suffer from hair thinning and loss. As a solution, some ladies look into hair transplant or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Female Hair Transplants in West Palm Beach, FL

Transplantation Explained

What is A Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant, also known as follicular unit extraction or FUE is a medical procedure where a physician surgically moves hair follicles from one area to another area for growth. Doctors take the needed follicles and then graft them in the area where the patient has a need for new hair growth. Physicians arrange the grafts in a random pattern so the hair looks natural as it begins to grow back. At our practice in West Palm Beach Female Hair Transplant specialists excel in providing FUE procedures, offering patients a personalized path to natural and vibrant hair restoration.

Female Hair Transplants in West Palm Beach, FL

Women's Transplants: Similarities & Differences

Is there a difference between male and female hair transplants?

Transplants for women are gaining popularity as they are somewhat newer, but they are no different than those from men. Doctors do give extra attention to how female physiology can influence hair growth and healing of the graft. With Female Hair Transplant West Palm Beach women can benefit from specialized care tailored to the unique aspects of women's physiology, ensuring the best possible results in hair restoration.

Woman Hair Transplant Candidates

Am I a good candidate for a Female Hair Transplant?

In general, women whom suffer from hair loss in any particular area of the scalp are good candidates. Women who have female-pattern baldness also are good candidates. Hair loss that is generalized over the entire scalp is much harder to treat, but not impossible. It is important to see a physician that specializes in hair transplants, including Female Hair Transplant, to be sure you are receiving the highest level of expertise and attention to detail.

Transforming Women's Hair

What should I expect after surgery and what are the benefits

Just like men, women sometimes do experience side effects from hair transplants. These tend to be minor and are not permanent. Examples of side effects women may experience include numbness or tenderness of the scalp, redness, and possible itching. After a female hair transplant surgery, Dr. DeLange suggests using a unique formula for post operative care. This formula consist of copper tri-peptide technology, sea kelp extracts and keratinocyte growth factors.

To make sure your recovery is nothing less than perfect and as easy as can be, Dr. DeLange is happy to provide this to every hair transplant surgery patient. Female Hair transplants can be life changing (in a good way of course)! When a woman goes through the process of a hair transplant, the extra hair growth gives her style more volume and dimension to her hair. In a recent study, about 41% of hair transplant surgeries in 2016 throughout the United States were women. Don’t let hair loss stand in the way of feeling and looking your best!

Female Hair Transplants in West Palm Beach, FL

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