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Otoplasty in West Palm Beach, FL

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Enhancing Ear Aesthetics

Otoplasty for Children and Adults at Estetica Institute

Ear surgery, or Otoplasty, is a surgery that can help fix ears that are more separated from the head than normal. Candidates that come in for surgery are normally between the ages of four and fourteen. They come in to fix the source of teasing that they receive from other children. Self-esteem in a child is an important thing to continually keep positive.

Ear surgery procedures are something that is not just for children. Adults who suffer from the same problem may be candidates for Otoplasty. Adults who have been through an accident may need their ears to be fixed as well as birth defects that are hindering the success of patients self esteem. Patients, who go through with ear surgery, are extremely pleased with the long-term effects.

Otoplasty in West Palm Beach


Reasons for considering Otoplasty

With Otoplasty West Palm Beach patients can contemplate the procedure if they want to:

  • Pin back ears that stick out
  • Undo folded ear tips
  • Reshape and make earlobes symmetrical
  • Fix defects and enlarge small ears
  • Replace an ear that has been lost or damaged due to injury
Otoplasty in West Palm Beach

Ideal Candidates

Are you a good candidate for an Otoplasty?

You may be a good candidate for an Otoplasty if:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Have realistic expectations. It is very helpful to look at pictures Before and After Otoplasty to assist you with you expectations and your decision process.
  • You do not smoke. If you are a smoker, you are strongly encouraged to refrain from smoking for at least a week prior to your surgery date and continue to refrain from smoking for two weeks or until your incisions have healed. This will promote faster healing and reduce the risk of infection.


How is the Otoplasty procedure performed?

Our expert CRNAs will place the patient under IV sedation. If your ears need to be reduced in size (ear reduction) or are protruding from a portion of the ear, the surgeon will make an external incision of the outside surface of the ear, and skin as well as cartilage will often need to be removed. Incisions are typically hidden near folds in the front of the ear where they will heal fairly inconspicuously. The incision(s) are closed with either dissolvable sutures or ones that will be removed by a doctor after the wounds have healed. The ear is covered with a bulky ear dressing that protects the ear after Otoplasty surgery. At our practice in West Palm Beach Otoplasty takes up to two hours and has many techniques that are associated not only with the pinning of the ears.

Expert Care

Where is the Otoplasty surgery performed?

The Otoplasty surgery is performed in Estetica Institute’s accredited surgical center, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our surgeries are performed at our state of the art surgical ORs by a highly trained staff of professionals who all maintain the highest credentials. Our facility is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

Otoplasty in West Palm Beach


How long does the Otoplasty surgery take?

Typically, the Otoplasty procedure takes about two hours to perform. Patient will recover for about a half-hour after the procedure, and then may go home.

The Help You Need

Can I drive myself home after an Otoplasty?

You cannot drive yourself home after the Otoplasty surgery. We suggest that you arrange for a ride home with a friend or relative. We are happy to help you arrange for a ride and some overnight help if necessary.

Otoplasty in West Palm Beach


What happens after Otoplasty? What is the recovery process?

When Otoplasty surgery is complete, patients must stay in a wrapped bandage protecting the ears until the wounds are healed. After one week, the patient is allowed to remove the initial bandages. All patients must have limited to no mobility and are required to get plenty of rest. The compression bandages are to keep the swelling down as well. Over the counter pain relievers can subdue any minor aches and pains the patient may be complaining of.

After the procedure, patients should follow the directions of the doctor to avoid any post-operation problems. Our caring and highly trained staff is here to help from your initial consultation through your recovery. The doctors are just a phone call away 24-7 for you after any surgical procedure. Call us at (561) 776-9555 for more information on an Otoplasty in West Palm Beach.

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