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Textured Breast Implant

Breast Implant Removal

January 25, 2019

You may have heard the term “breast implant illness” floating around more and more. This term is not very well defined and tends to be loosely tied to patient’s with a variety of symptoms that may be experienced by a woman after having breast implants. It is particularly prevalent on social media where several large support groups exist.

Some woman are claiming the toxicity from their breast implants is causing symptoms such as fatigue/low energy, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), headaches, joint and muscle pain, hair loss, recurring infections, swollen lymph nodes and swollen glands, rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, and even problems with the thyroid and adrenals. Many, if not all, of these symptoms could be caused from a wide range of other illnesses. If you are however concerned about your breast implants, you should seek medical advice as to whether or not to have them removed.

Breast Implant Illness – Fact or Fiction

Breast implant illness and toxicity is so much harder to define and can’t be underlined in black or white. There is no strong evidence, and in fact, very little evidence at all to conclude it exist. There is no pathophysiological explanation, no hypothesis regarding how silicone could cause these problems and no diagnostic test. There are however well-supported social media support groups for women with “breast implant illness” and many women who feel they are affected. Dating back to the 1990’s, breast implant illness was extensively studied and investigated in the United States and no correlation was found to link implants to illness.

There is no doubt that some patients just don’t co-exist comfortably with their implants. This might be due to physical symptoms associated with scar tissue or from a variety of other reasons.

Possible Issues From Breast Implants

There are scientifically validated and well-documented issues associated with breast implants unrelated to toxicity. These are capsular contracture, migration, implant rupture and even the rare association between textured breast implants and breast implant associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). It should be noted at Estetica Institute, we have never and will never use these textured implants just referenced.

Replacing Your Implants

In due time your implants, like many things in life, will need to be replaced. Eight out of 10 women still have their breast implants at 10 years and most wait to have them replaced until 15-20 years. There are a variety of reasons women opt for replacement surgery; most stem from a desire to change the size of the implant or addressing other changes to the breast associated with pregnancy and weight loss/gain.

Implant Safety

While the jury is still out on whether or not breast implant illness is fact or fiction, there is consultative evidence that breast implants are in fact safe when you are under the care of a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. DeLange. For more information and or to schedule a complimentary consultation, click here or call us, (561) 776-9555.

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