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Will Having Children Ruin My Liposuction?

March 2, 2018

Will having children ruin my liposuction? Women who are looking into liposuction as an option to rid themselves of unwanted fat in their abdomens, thighs, waist and backs often ask if a future pregnancy will undo or ruin the effects of liposuction. If they are still young and planning on having children down the road, they want to know if they are better off just waiting until after they have children before moving forward with liposuction. A pregnancy will not ruin or undo what liposuction has done.

Liposuction is the process of removing small amounts of fat from various parts of the body. Once that fat is removed, it is gone forever. That is not to say that new fat cannot form in the same places – it can and it might when you get pregnant and have a baby. When a woman becomes pregnant, there are many different physical changes that will come about. Each woman’s pregnancy may be very different from another’s. There is no way to say that fat will definitely not form again in places in the body where you have had liposuction.

Women who have become pregnant after liposuction

It just depends on you and your body. There are women who have become pregnant after liposuction who claim that the procedure actually helped them avoid gaining fat or as much fat as they may have seen in a previous pregnancy. They say that the liposuction was helpful during their pregnancy. It is sometimes easy to confuse liposuction with other types of body makeover procedures such as a tummy tuck.

Tummy tucks, like the ones offered at Estetica Institute with Dr. DeLange are a much more permanent procedure with results that can easily be disrupted by a pregnancy. So our answer is no, liposuction is not ruined by a pregnancy. Some women seek out liposuction for results they want to see now, knowing that they will not be getting pregnant until further down the road.

There is no reason to wait until after you have your child or children to pursue liposuction. Each patient seen at our office has a unique background and set of circumstances. By taking the time to learn more about each patient, including their medical history and their goals for the future, like having babies, Dr. DeLange is able to make suggestions that make the most sense for the individual patient. The best way to know and understand how liposuction can help you in your current situation is to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. DeLange.

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